May 4, 2012

What are my options, if an application keeps closing unexpectedly (ubuntu 12.04)?

I just switched from windows to ubuntu and are by no means an expierienced IT - user. However I really want to learn about it (one of my main reasons for switching, I need to understand what is happening on my pc), so very general links would be appriciated. Is there any kind of catalogue/reference that can give me a shortcut insight with which kind of problem, I should be looking into what ?
Nevertheless, my specific problem: The game Noiz2sa keeps crashing randomly ("application quit unexpectedly").
I tried installing it over the software center, and manually, as tarball and .deb. It installed equally easily, but with the same outcome. I was thinking, that maybe my graphic card (ATI Mobility Radeon™ 5650) drivers could be the problem. I have the "ATI/AMD proprietary fglrx" and the default "Broadcom STA wireless" driver installed, but can't install the post-release update to the proprietary fglrx driver, which seems to be an reported bug (affecting about 60 people) I also tried some manual workarounds I found, but I didn't manage to install it. Each time I try, it removes the other fglrx as well (I think the error ocurrs in the purge (?) process, but I don't really understand it, I just followed a step-by-step . Other than with Noiz2sa (minimalistic, fast 2D arcade) I did not yet notice any graphic problems. Thanks a lot for reading so far an I am deeply sorry for any possible (probable) display of stupidity.

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