January 28, 2014

What are the versions of linux, timeline and features?

Latest version of linux is 3.13....

Latest version of linux is 3.13.
There is also a LTS (long term support) version that is a few versions behind the latest version.

But that isn't what you really wanted to know is it?
Short version:
Linux is a small blob of code (generally called a kernel) that acts as an interface between
hardware and software and as such is basically useless to end user until software between end user and kernel are added in.
Windows and OSX also have kernels but they are not available on their own as the linux kernel is.

A linux distrobution is the linux kernel plus useful software.
The distro's installed software is determined by the developer(s) of the distro or in the case of some distros by the end-user installing the system. More software can be installed later through package management systems.

There are distros developed for everything from imbedded systems to super-computers and most use scenarios from general computing to something as specific as running a thermostat.

That makes for literally hundreds of linux distros.
You might want to look at distrowatch.com to see what I mean.
Don't know what you mean by timeline in this context- other than linux was released to the world around 1991- and features will vary by the distro.

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