July 13, 2016

What is the best distro for comparing SFP traffic?

I have been tasked with comparing Curvature optics vs. Cisco optics. I have an assortment of optics to test and was looking for a Linux distro to give me a relatively detailed analysis of the traffic sent by and received by the SFP. Most of the stuff I have seen so far is for pen-testing or "hacking" which is more than I need. should I look for a specialized distro or just customize a Ubuntu img. Any suggestions appreciated.

Answer to the question

I do know of one program you can install on Ubuntu, Etherape. It is a network monitoring tool that gives you a visual representation of the nodes communication activities on a network. You can view traffic by server, protocol and number of transmitted pacakges. 


You can also do a category search for "network monitors" tools using the software center/package manager of your preferred distro. For instance, under ubuntu 14.04.4, when i search for "network monitors" using the ubuntu "software center" app, I get a list of tools for network monitoring which their rate of popularity. eg

  • Knemo 4star
  • bmon 5star
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