October 23, 2014

What is the best linux OS for a Lenovo G570 Laptop?

Let's assume you have the "no frills G570" (as listed here on CNET: http:/...

Let's assume you have the "no frills G570" (as listed here on CNET: http://www.cnet.com/products/lenovo-essential-g570/specs/ )...and you wish to dual boot Windows 7 (not 8 or any Windows version after 7) with a
standard Linux grub boot loader.
1. Small footprint or highly useful OS? Smallest footprint (size on disk)...might be Damn Small Linux (DSL)...with only 150 MB of your harddrive. Biggest footprint might be Ubuntu Studio and all the addons..which could max out around 55 GB...if you don't add on other extras or purchase software for it. Some people have to use some arcane
Unixware from their work location and see if they can "futz it into Linux".

2. Let's go with Studio (you could substitute Dream Studio, LinuxMint18, Fedora21, and a few other Debian gems..and get similar results). Ask a Mac person and not a PC or Unix person, and they will gripe about software prices..for their exotic graphics packages. The options with the "studio versions" is much clearer..IF it works and does the job you want done..the WAY you want it done..then it's a keeper.

3. Others here may go on down the Linux list for various variants..not me, if you can get "Unix quality" from a simple Ubuntu platform ..go for it. One way to check is to use the primary software
sites..and the Ubuntu Software app, to get a simple list for yourself.
Say you need a "photoshop similar app"..and that you have documents on a
Mac. Google "photoshop or similar for Linux"..and see what they tell you
and what people like and/or don't care for. It's not all cut and dried for you in Linuxland...get used to "fix it yourself" and "do it yourself"..once you switchover. Try different Linuxware OS's...you should be able to...after all ..almost all are FREE!.

4. Anti-virusware is definitely now an issue for Linux people. Just having "ClamTK or ClamAV"..or something like "Avast for Workstations" (not extremely cheap...and you DO have to pay for it)...on your system..
won't do it..you have to LEARN TO PROPERLY USE IT.

Anything more post here on this site...I don't pretend to have all the answers..and have messed up my fair share of laptops and desktops (but not servers...still on a steep learning curve there)..but did learn a few gems of wisdom.

A. Use Linux to help Windows and Windows issues. B. Use your Linux friends and sites on the net to help you. C. If there is a Windows solution that works stay with it...don't try to locate a Linux version..
instead access your windows applications using WINE (windows emulator on
Linux). You will learn to appreciate the people who suffered DOS for many years and then got frustrated with Windows and found something similar..UNIX and its variations.

Good luck with your choices. WW

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