November 27, 2016

What command would you use to count the subdirectories of the directory?

Answer to the question

Here is a fairly simple method:

tree -d -L 1

The -d only lists directories, and the -L 1 only lists the directories in "one level" (the current one). 


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Answer to the question



You can do something like the following to count the number of subdirectories under the current directory:

ls -la | grep '^d' | tail -n +3 | wc -l

If it's a different pathname than the current directory, add the pathname after the ls -la part, ie:

ls -la /pathname | grep '^d' | tail -n +3 | wc -l


ls -la - show all files including hidden pathnames

grep '^d' - show only directory entries (those beginning with a 'd')

tail -n +3 - show lines 3 and above, skipping the first two entries, which are . (the current directory) and .. (the parrent directory), which always appear

wc -l - count the number of lines shown in the output


I hope that helps.




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