May 19, 2014

What is the most perfect linux that have all compiler and etc for home user?

I'm looking for a good linux version.i installed BackTrack,Kali,Ubuntu but have problem.such as sound card and VGA card and play music and compile program.linux have a perfect and complete version for home user? please help me tnx so much

Have you tried LinuxMint Debian Edition?

Have you tried LinuxMint Debian Edition? also PCLinuxOS: However, you shouldn't have problems with the VGA driver. If you do, just install the NVidia or ATI proprietary driver [contrib non-free] and it'll work. Regarding sound you don't have to install anything, it should work, either ALSA or Pulseaudio sound API. If these doesn't work, install Jack on top of them and see how it goes. Jack is great and I do recommend it over PulseAudio, but when PulseAudio works without any problems I would leave it like that. ;) Cheers!

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