April 1, 2015

What would you use on a HP/Compaq Presario V2000NR Notebook PC?

I have a HP/Compaq: AMD Turion 64 Mobile ML: 1800 MHz Processor:
512 MB System Memory. What would you suggest I put in to start Linux?

Mz Kathy, If you are not that familiar with Linux and still have some form of...

Mz Kathy, If you are not that familiar with Linux and still have some form of Windows on that notebook...my suggestion is to try something simple first like "Ubuntu Studio" (version 12 or higher 64 bit). Studio can access most of your Windows files..can run DOS if you need it..and/or versions of Windows (XP, 98,85, etc..even Win 3.3) in emulation under WINE or Dos using DOSBOX. One advantage of this approach is that new users often have to "rescue windows" after installing Linux..and UbuntuStudio is very adept at doing that. You can
even rescue your entire notebook drive usb or harddrive using the LIVE
DVD/CD...and activating the recovery tools (or even update a BIOS on a
system that has been comprimised by worms or malware). There are lots of good applications as well including Nautilus and OpenOffice. Also most public libraries now have some version of Linux with their DVDs/CDs inside those covers..and plenty of info on the version you have. Even
an old Ubuntu 9 book with CD can help you..with UbuntuStudio..but you will still need to have your own version of it. Download it from the Ubuntustudio.com website and use FreeISO burner (should still be free..but google it first)..to burn a DVD under Windows on your notebook.
If you can't burn one...borrow a laptop or desktop and/or have a friend burn one. I don't know f any books on Studio...but there might be some by now. Good luck..and post here if you have issues. WW

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