October 27, 2014

What's the best replacement for xp home?

I have an old dell 8200 dimension.im looking to put Linux on it but I don't know a thing about Linux which Linux would be good for it?

This is a HIGHLY subjective question....

This is a HIGHLY subjective question.
But personally I would go for a Linux distribution with Xfce, which is a very lightweight desktop and thus uses only a relatively small amount of resources.
One of those distributions is Xubuntu.

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Hey ThePheinex,...

Hey ThePheinex,

Thanks for the question! So I did a little homework on the computer you listed, and it seems that Lubuntu would be a great fit.

Lubuntu website: http://lubuntu.net/

Now, here's where things get dicey. At this point, it seems that your PC is running the bare essentials to utilize basic programs like web browsers and word processors. While Linux is great at breathing in new life into an old PC, eventually a PC will just be bogged down by the programs it's using to a point where it will no longer be usable.

So, I'm not here to tell you how to invest in your PC, I'm just giving a friendly reminder that sometimes even the leanest of disros can't make an older PC usable.

Anyway, give Lubuntu a try. It's based on Ubuntu so it has great software support, and has a fairly nice LXDE Graphical User Interface (translation from nerd to English: it doesn't look ugly.) Best of luck keeping the old, faithful machine runnin'!

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