When I cross compile something for a different platform (ARM in your case)...

When I cross compile something for a different platform (ARM in your case) and I want to move everything in a different machine you need to prepare:
- The compiler/environment in the new machine
- Source code/obj files/project files
in the other machine

1) Compiler/Environment setting
Let's take "source" machine.
in your favorite distro you'll probably have packages like gcc-arm-linux.... binutils-arm-linux... pkg-config-arm... or something like that. If you're using LFS you've compiled arm toolchain by yourself starting from GCC and binutils source code.
You need to install packages (on a popular distro) or compile your arm toolchain (LFS for example) in your target machine as well

2) Source code/obj files/ project files/ scripts
starting from your project root you need to tar everything and untar it to your "target machine". If you don't change path (you had /home/linus/myarmproject in the old machine and you've the same path in the new one) you're probably set.
If you've a well done project you'll probably compile everything in the new machine as well.

Generally speaking if you've set the same environment on both machines you just need to move your arm project (the root of your project) and you're ready to go, nothing more.
That's what I do normally when I work with OpenWRT for example, here's what I do:
- Create the cross compile toolchain in the target computer (MIPS, ARM, whatever platform, ...)
- Copy the root of my project (OpenWRT repository for example) from first machine to the second one, or get the new source code from repository with JIT/subversion/...
- In the second machine I just work as in the first one, nothing more. Some projects are well created (with automake, autoconf, ...) and you may change the path on the second machine as well. if you link something statically in your makefile you'll probably need to change it in the second machine.

Let me know more details on your particular app or work so we may discuss toolchain deps more deeply

Hope it helps
Andrea (Ben) Benini

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