January 28, 2017

Where is GRUB on my Windows Hard Drive?

I am getting rid of linux and switching to a VM, but when I first installed kali linux to my pc I installed grub to my windows partition as that is my master boot record, and the actual linux os was put on its own hard drive. I deleted linux from that hard drive but forgot to remove grub, so my main os is now unbootable. I pluuged that main hard drive into my server so I could examine the files but I couldnt find anything related to grub. So do you guys have any idea where the boot loader could be stored on my windows hard drive? Thanks ~Aedan :)

Answer to the question

Leaving Linux, going back to Windows, but asking Linux guys for help? I am amused by that.


Like nearly all computer problems, there is often more than one solution. Here is one for you:


Boot into your System Recovery. If you erased that with Kali too, then you'll need a Windows install DVD. If you manage to get into System Recovery, choose Startup Repair and get to Command Prompt. From the command prompt, you will use the bootrec.exe command twice, like this:


bootrec /fixmbr

bootrec /fixboot


Reboot back to Windows.


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