July 4, 2016

Where to hire a freelance support tech?

Debian 8 server, MySQL is not working properly. Connections Failing.
Recently changed my server host, moved my database tables and "live files via http"
phpmyadmin is up and i can access
host-ip/form.php is available via http
port 3306 and 1433 is not available
my java bot is not accepting the new host/user/pass/table and fails to connect
all evidence points to port closed, cannot seem to find a tech that can help...
any help or direction would really help, 4 days to correct the problem before the java bot is required to be working for another project... paid users depending on this. HELP!

also every time i try to restart the mysql i get failed to restart...
bind ip
bind ip server-host-ip
removed line bind ip
im not a coder
who to hire?

Answer to the question

There are always job offerings being posted at http://www.webhostingtalk.com/. You might try your luck there.

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Answer to the question

You can find a freelancer on different freelancing sites like Upwork for example.

You can also try some online tech communities on Reddit or some web development/Linux forums.

Chance may be that someone will find your question here, though.

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