June 19, 2015

Where is the specific download for macbook pro?

I have a macbook pro and i havent bean able to install? linux on my macbook pro where is the specific download for opensuse formacbook

Read through this thread and see if it helps -...

Read through this thread and see if it helps -
Help installing OpenSuse on Mac Pro

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Here* is the link on installing Debian9 on...

Here* is the link on installing Debian9 on
MacBook Pro. As I only have a Mac G5 with Debian9
working (and have had issues installing other Linuxes on
this desktop unit)..I cannot recommend any other
OS's at this point in time. One reason is that the graphics drivers
have caused me a fit and a 1/2. If you have "weird or non-standard"
graphics...you may need to stick with the easiest install possible.
For openSuse here is what I found:
Good luck and let us know how it went.
*------------------procedures on my Mac G5--------------------------------------------------
1. Check and see if you need more RAM and/or a second primary hard drive.
2. Use a networked internet connection if possible...the wireless drivers can be a pain.
3. Partition your disk drive (or flash drive) for Mac (or repartition if needed)..at least check
the sizes of the partitions you already have, and whether they are bootable.
4. Use a Live Debian9 ppc64 DVD and see what it tells you, the install screen is classic old
C/C++ and will check your partitions and internet connections...IF you make a mistake it
lets you "roll-back" whatever you did wrong..or will tell you what you messed up on, be
sure you have everything backed up before you start (always good advice there).
You won't know if this partition works until you reboot..I have done lots of 'scary bad installs' to a G5 Mac and the Debian7-9's were the ones that worked...they seem to skip whatever the "graphics driver issues" that Ubuntu and other Deb related OSes seem to have.


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