February 8, 2010

which is the best operating system ? Debian Vs Ubuntu Vs windows 7


Can I get the statistics between the three .

In respect to performance, usability, graphics.


Answer to the question

Debian Vs Ubuntu Vs windows 7

If I started comparing WIndows with a Linux distro, I'd need a lot more time :) In short, if you are a total beginner, you should use Windows (10 preferably). If you are a beginner but want to use a free Linux distro, then go with Ubuntu. If you are an experienced user (a developer), you can try both Ubuntu and Debian. I actually did a Debian/Ubuntu comparison on my site, so you can check that out if you can't decide between the two.

You can also install Windows and Ubuntu using Dual Boot and you'll have both distros ready to use.


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Not so long answer ! Simply use Ubuntu for ur purpose. It is universally...

Not so long answer ! Simply use Ubuntu for ur purpose. It is universally known that, almost all virus attacks Windows related flavor and Windows 7 is not excluded that. Debian I not prefer coz, it is little bit of hard to handle. Ubuntu is so user friendly and almost windows like OS.

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PerformanceWindows7 is a resource hog requiring quite a bit of memory and...

Windows7 is a resource hog requiring quite a bit of memory and processing power because most new microsoft components are built on the .net framework. But for everyday uses on a newer system you don't see the performance drain.

Debian is generally a minimalistic distro that you can customize to include whatever capabilities you wish, so it will start out very responsive, but after enough additions like any system it will start to drag.

Ubuntu is built off of Debian, but has many customizations already applied for usability, it will be faster than window, but in comparing a base install it will be slower than debian.

I cannot offer statistics because with each new release or update Linux based distribution get faster and cleaner, so your best bet would be to search google for recent benchmarks.

This depends on your uses, so I will break it down for Admins, super users and normal users.

Admins and Super-Users - Debian would be your best bet because it is raw and can be adapted for any use you can imagine. Ubuntu would be #2 because it simplifies many adminstrative tasks, then winows7 will be last because still hides a lot of administrative functions that restrict your capabilities.

Normal Users - Ubuntu is the best bet for normal users because of the ease of use in getting software, getting updates and customizing the user interface. Windows 7 is next in line because it is familiar to many people and the functions and slightly intuitive. Debian is last in line because it is raw ans requires a lot of manual modifications to make it what you want.

Windows wins this in relation to gaming because the graphics hardware manufacturers focus on the windows platform, but both Ubuntu and Debian are highly customizable and can pull of desktop effects through compiz that windows can only dream of.

As with any question about choosing an operating system the answer is subjective to your specific needs. In general I would prefer to recommend a Linux based operating system but in the end you must choose the right tool for the job your wish to accomplish.

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It's always difficult to answer a subjective question like this. Better by...

It's always difficult to answer a subjective question like this. Better by what measure? Speed? Freedom? Support? User Experience? Hardware support?

I am very partial to Ubuntu, but like any other Linux distribution, it isn't w/out its headaches. Though, again, as is the case w/ most Linux distributions those headaches are often created by hardware and software vendors, and not Linux or the distribution itself.

To be completely honest with you, If your concern is going to be support is broadest sens of the word, Windows may still be a safe bet. It at elast still has the largest following out there, and the largest number of available trained technicians. A lot fo hardware vendors still only provide their drivers for Windows and a lot of software companies still only code for Windows.

That aside, though, if your concern is ease of use, I would have to say that Ubuntu would give Windows a run for its money, on most hardware these days.

If your concern is stability, There is little software out there as rock solid as a Debian stable release.

Performance can be a funny thing, too. I can turn on every wiz-bang neat-o feature in gnome and compiz, and turn off every feature and effect in windows 7, and odds are, windows 7 will run faster. But will it look nice? probably not. On the other hand, the nice thing about most Linux distributions is that you get options that are unimaginable to a windows user. Like the ability to change out your windows manager in a whim if you are bored with it. Or to change the entire desktop environement. If your only concern is performance, then just about Linux distribution will beat out windows if you are willing to put some effort into it. If you want to just install the disk and be done with it, then Debian wins in this category, but it probably won't be as pretty as Ubuntu or windows 7.

Your question is not a simple one, I guess is what I'm trying to say.

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