September 12, 2016

which product to replace winXP on a laptop with 80G hdd, 1.6ghz, i686? Must be able to create dvd from another system, too.

Answer to the question

I would suggest something that runs the LXDE desktop environment.  It is lightweight enough to breathe life into that hardware.  Linux distributions running that desktop environment that I would recommend include LXLE ( and PeppermintOS (  I believe both are based on Ubuntu LTS (long term support) versions, meaning they have 5 years of support from release.  If the LXLE or Peppermint downloads based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (meaning it was released in April 2016 and it is supported until April 2021) don't give you much success, then I would suggest the versions of LXLE or Peppermint based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (meaning it was released in April 2014 and supported until April 2019).  The Ubuntu 14.04 based Linux distributions have an older, but still supported, Linux kernel, and that means older hardware like yours will likely be better supported. 

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