March 16, 2012

Why am I directed to Record Now after downloading OS?

Why after downloading Linux or Utunbu OS's they always direct me to Roxio Record Now. Then it seeks an .msi file which it cannot locate, thus I'm stuck because it's unable to locate the file. I've tried to manually locate the .msi file, but no avail. What should I do?


suspecting wine related issue.... command is:...

suspecting wine related issue.... command is:
wine msiexec /i /pathoffile/msifilename
though suggestion is use amarok / banshee, they r linux-native sw and support ipod also.

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You don't have to use Roxio to create iso cd. Roxio is probably the most...

You don't have to use Roxio to create iso cd. Roxio is probably the most common one and thus the most common in illistrations. There are some free iso burner programs out there. Just do a search for an iso burner. Imgburn at or freeisoburner at should get you going. Otherwise reinstall Roxio.

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Good day, Stephen....

Good day, Stephen.

I apologize in advance for making the assumption that you are using a Windows system to burn the Linux/Ubiuntu OS.

The Linux/Ubuntu OS you normally download is usually a ".iso" file. Simply it is a CD/DVD image file that can be burned to a CD/DVD disk. Once the image file is burned to the disk, you can boot from it, as with most CD/DVD disk.

A ".msi" file is a file used to install a Windows application. It appears that there is an association in your system between ".iso" files and the application "Roxio Record Now". Basically, every time you try to use an ".iso" file, Windows tries to start "Roxio Record Now" in order to burn the file to disk. However, it seems that "Roxio Record Now" is no longer on your system and Windows appears to try to correct this by trying to reinstall "Roxio Record Now" (the ".msi") file.

My suggestions are to make sure that "Roxio Record Now" has been properly uninstalled and then get an appropriate disc burning application (or you could re-install "Roxio Record Now" if you have the application install file). Or if you have Windows Vista or Windows 7, use the Windows "Burn Disc Image" in the Windows Explorer context menu. This is a simple CD burning application that comes with these versions of Windows.

Hope it helps and enjoy your Linux experience.


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