May 17, 2016

Why linux is free or open source ??

like other os(s), why are you not charging some amount to buy this os ?

Answer to the question

Because Linux was created and distributed by such a license and continue to do that.

It can be good or bad in the different circumstances I can say.

Some companies can make money creating a software for Linux and they often offers a free version with limited functions. You can find such a model with Windows companies too but it more populated on Linux side.

By the way, Linux core development is highly sponsored by huge corporations so it can't be called 'an enthusiasts project' for a long time already.

But you still can download and use it for free and that's perfect.

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Answer to the question

I guess it is because the creator of Linux (Linus Torvalds) decided to do so.

That was an initial story. Now RedHat and other big companies heavily contribute to the Open Sourced Linux and make money by providing services on their own Linux versions.

Linux is owned by the developer community now and you can saw nobody owns Linux as of today but there are different maintainers who get funds (well, this may not be true all the time) from these organisations to develop, update and maintain.

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