November 17, 2014

Will my system slow down moving from Windows 8 to Linux?

I bought a new laptop. Its OS is windows 8.1 but i changed it into windows 8. Will there be any p-roblem in my laptop after changing the OS. will my system get slow down?

I had bought a windows 8 laptop and completely removed it and install 3 Linux...

I had bought a windows 8 laptop and completely removed it and install 3 Linux Operating systems. To do this, I had to disable secure boot on a UEFI system. Read this link to learn multiple options of dualbooting windows 8 with Ubuntu.

Winwdows 8 and ubuntu dualbooting

As far as your computer slowing down, that would depend on what you are using it for. Any system running beyond its means will experience a reduction is speed. Linux is not know for slowdowns however. "Overall, Linux is not known as a resource hog"( Generally, linux is pretty fast. Some, faster then others. However it depends on what you are running.

If you want to check resource usage under windows 8 look at this link.

Reducing CPU usage:

These same fundamentals can be applied to linux. Use search keywords like, Increasing computation in linux, memory optimation for GNU/Linux, Low resource open source applications, linux distros under 512MB of RAM.

The more narrow and precise your keywords the better results you get. For instance, here is a link dated back in 2008 about speeding up linux.

Point I am trying to make, whatever you are trying to use your system for, research system requirements and make your decisions based on that that.

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