November 24, 2009

wireless conection lost

Acer aspire 1 AOA150-ab . 120gb . I changed the pre-installed version of Linux Lite and ran installed 9.04 remix for 8 months and everything without exception worked well.  Then i upgraded to 9.1 when i was given the option shown after i lodged on . Now i have no wireless at all , wont find the netgear router i have always been using all this time but my pc uses it daily still . I added 9.04 again from the Flash boot disk i 1st used 8 months ago and installed it again but this time alongside 9.1 in a partition but it that also now wont find wireless as before , even if i boot from the stick i cant find wireless now . The other thing i cant do now is boot up from 9.1 straight away , as i installed 9.04 after i upgraded,  it boots 9.04 1st unless i sit and wait for the screen and scroll down to 9.1 , a pain each time . Can 9.04 be removed or is there a way for my netbook to ignore the top 3 items , all 9.04 and boot from the 4th which is listed after OTHER OPERATING SYSTEMS . I would be most grateful for help on either of these problems am im not that computer savy with anything other than basic instructions .

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