April 10, 2014

From xp to linux - is there a demo?

I have XP and I want to know about Linux, but I am not technical, are there easy answers please and can I get a demo



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Hi Verna, & Marie,...

Hi Verna, & Marie,

It appears to me you are both asking the same question. It's going to be difficult for anyone to give you the answer that you want because only you two know your capabilities with using computers, what are your expectations of a computer operating system and why you are interested in Linux.

Deciding on a Linux distribution is a bit like buying clothes or shoes; it's best to try before you buy. Most Linux distributions can be installed on a CDs or USB sticks and run Live from the CDs or USB sticks prior to installing them on a computer. The advantage of this is you can get a feel for what the Linux distribution is like and whether it appeals to you before you install it on your computer. However, because it's not running off your hard drive it will be slow.

If you do not regard yourself as being technically minded or nerdy you may be disappointed by Linux. If you expect to be able to use Linux just like you used Windows; without an adjustment period where you have to learn new skills and do some DIY adjustments and maintenance, Linux may not be the operating system for you. After two years of using Linux I still cannot use a Sierra 320U 4G WIFI modem with Linux and hopefully this weekend I'll be able to watch videos in true colour via VLC and the typical Linux media players. Because of this, I still use Windows 7 occasionally.

For people who are not technically minded or nerdy, I think the Linux distributions that should be considered are: Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Mageia.

I've been dabbling with Linux for two years and still regard myself as a novice. I use Ubuntu but I want to try Linux Mint.

Following are some Linux information sources I found useful when I was researching which Linux distribution to choose:
Linux Format Magazine – the paper copy of the magazine has CDs attached which have different distributions of Linux.
http://distrowatch.com/ - a website with information about most, if not all, the distributions of Linux

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