Open-source software economics and community health analytics: Enter CHAOSS


George Anadiotis at ZDNet writes:

CHAOSS stands for Community Health Analytics Open Source Software. It’s a Linux Foundation project, and its roots go back 15 years ago. A research team at the University of Juan-Carlos in Madrid, Spain, was trying to understand how software is being built in open source.

There was no tooling to help them do that, so they built their own open-source software. That was the foundation of what is now called GrimoireLab: A set of free, open-source software tools for software development analytics.

The tools gather data from several platforms involved in software development (Git, GitHub, Jira, Bugzilla, Gerrit, Mailing lists, Jenkins, Slack, Discourse, Confluence, StackOverflow, and more), merge and organize it in a database, and produce visualizations, actionable dashboards, and analytics.

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