High Reliability Infrastructure Migrations


On Tuesday I gave a talk at KubeCon called High Reliability Infrastructure Migrations. The abstract was:

For companies with high availability requirements (99.99% uptime or higher), running new software in production comes with a lot of risks. But it’s possible to make significant infrastructure changes while maintaining the availability your customers expect! I’ll give you a toolbox for derisking migrations and making infrastructure changes with confidence, with examples from our Kubernetes & Envoy experience at Stripe.

Here are a few links & notes about things I mentioned in the talk.

skycfg: write functions, not YAML

I talked about how my team is working on non-YAML interfaces for configuring Kubernetes. The demo is at skycfg.fun, and it’s on GitHub here. It’s based on Starlark, a configuration language that’s a subset of Python.

My coworker John has promised that he’ll write a blog post about it at some point, and I’m hoping that’s coming soon 🙂

no haunted forests

I mentioned a deploy system rewrite we did. John has a great blog post about when rewrites are a good idea and how he approached that rewrite called no haunted forests.

Read more at Julia Evans

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