Signs You’re Doing DevOps Right


Your organization has been practicing DevOps for some time. These seven practices will help you determine if you’ve been doing so in the right way.

We have been talking a lot about DevOps and the cultural shift that it focuses on. Let’s assume that you are practicing DevOps in your organization. These seven signs should give you an idea about whether what you are doing is right.

1. You Deploy Frequently and Automatically With Rapid Release Cycles
The software development process has come a long way since from the SDLC model and has been evolving rapidly. Every software-powered organization in the world is aiming to deliver the software and features faster to its audience and considering the competition, this is a must. Hence, deploying frequently with rapid release cycles is one point to be noted here to be Agile. 

2. You Have Tools and Platforms for CI and CD
DevOps is not any set of tools; it’s a cultural shift that embraces agile methodologies. However, to practice DevOps, you need a certain set of tools: Continuous Integration tools, deployment tools, testing tools, version controlling tools, etc.

3. You Leverage Containers and Have Microservices Architecture
Microservices make things faster since a large monolithic software piece is fragmented into several pieces, making it less complex and causing no dependency if any microservice goes off. Containerization is what we call when it comes to Docker containers. his is where microservices are packaged with their own environments and supporting factors. 

4. You Have Operations, Sys Admins, and Developers Working Together
The objective of DevOps is to remove the confusion and collision between Dev and Ops, DevOps should make sure Operations and Developers line of activities are flowing smooth without any friction. 

5. You Have a Continuous Feedback Loop System
Since your developers are committing code frequently and rapidly, you need to have a feedback system in place if you are practicing DevOps to know to know what went wrong. It should be communicated instantly through notifications with tools like Victor Ops, Pager Duty, etc.
This feedback system will help address the issues caused instantly and try to mitigate them as soon as possible.

6. You Have Constant Communication Between Teams
Constant communication is one of the best qualities of an amazing team. Clear and constant communication brings visibility and will let you know who is doing what and what’s going on between the teams in an organization. Slack is one tool that’s taking this very seriously by enabling teams to collaborate and constantly communicate with each other. 

7. You Have a Perfect Metrics Table to See if the Results Are Visible
It’s not just setting up a culture and making people follow it. You need to have proper metrics in place to see if you are making the progress in the right direction. Have a proper set of goals and metrics attached to each goal to know the results. If things seem to divert, it’s time to make changes again. Know what you are doing and have supporting results to prove it.

And to practice DevOps, you need to have some supporting tools and hope you are using them.

There are many wonderful tools that help you practice DevOps, some of them are 
> Docker
> Git (GitHub)
> Ansible
> Slack
> Shippable 
> New Relic
> Splunk
> Chef and much more

Conclusion :
Practicing DevOps is the need of the hour to be competitive in the software industry. This will surely boost the productivity and improves your learning curve, also removes repetitive and mundane tasks in an organization making your product deliverables faster to the market getting a healthy feedback loop that can help you understand your mistakes and correct them as early as possible.