February 23, 2016

11 online Puppet resources you should know

Many people asks, what are the good places to learn puppet on-line.
This post is for the people who are looking for good on-line resources free as well as paid stuff.
There are many on-line resources available at the time of writing this post. With just Google we may not find all these stuff. We have categorized those resources as below.

Puppet Official documentation


This link have many products developed by Puppet labs to support puppet automation tool. They have really good docs z will go in depth for each topic.


The Puppet labs provides us with beautiful on-line self phased resource to learn Puppet. The above link is a video tutorial and an on-line practice tool. We require to register to access this resources. The Puppet labs provide us with live Linux AWS instance to start practicing Puppet. We feel the best way to learn anything is implement the things at the time of learning.

Each video is followed by notes on what you see, details about AWS VM for practicing and a quiz on what you just learn.

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