March 26, 2011

Accessing Windows share Through Linux Samba service (Command line, not Nautilus) --RHEL6 from


If you have shared a directory on the windows the same you can access on linux in just a few steps.

1.  First List the share on windows on your Linux machine

  #smbclient -L hostip -U win user name -W workgroup name

    hostip -- ip of windows machine on which the shared directory lies

    workgroup name -- name of the workgroup e.g

2. now make a directory on your linux machine, this is basically your mount point


3. write the following entry in you /etc/fstab

hostip:/name of shared dir  mountpoint cifs  user= win user name,password=windows password 0 0

all the entries are separated by space or tab for more info read man fstab

mountpoint is the path of the dir you created in step 2 above

4. run mount -a

5 go to the dir created in step 2.


There you will get your  windows shared material 

enjoy ||||||||||||||||||||>>>>>>>>>..


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