October 30, 2014

Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer 0.4.2

Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer 0.4.2-12

Comes with many improvements, so far many memory leaks are fixed further it runs mostly stable. Caution GNU/Linux may hang up after a short while.

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Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer is configurable by preferences dialog. It has autosave functionality

  • save or open Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer XML files with XPath support
  • add or remove audio engines with adjustable audio channels and pads
  • link channels with property dialog output panel, mixer, drum and matrix sequencer, soft synth and soundfont2 player
  • piano roll with basic notation editing supporting copy & paste
  • live adjustable BPM
  • LADSPA support (certain plugins may crash application)
  • live export to WAV

Updated API Reference

The API reference manual was just updated in front of release 0.4.2. Allthough the other documentation wasn't it can even help you get an understanding of how `ags` works.

Visit API reference manual.

Configuration options

Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer safes its configuration in:


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