April 3, 2010

April fool's post-day report

In the night of the 31 (overlapping over the morning of the 1rst), I was on an assignment about Windows Server 2008. It's a rather though assignment - I'll spare you the details, but we basically go on a hunt on MS' Web site to determine the qualities behind WS2008's architecture. So, I was hunting in the dense forest that is WS2008's Web site and compiling OpenOffice 3.2 in background. When I was trough with the compilation, it was about 12:30, so I decided to go to bed.

I was a bit sad because I didn't have the time to elaborate complex pranks for April fools day. Then, it came to me. Considering the amount of sleep I was going to get, I'd probably be very tired in the morning in the classroom. Some people would then ask me why it is so. And I'd have a plan.

"-You yawn a lot today.

-Yea, got to sleep early this morning, had a lot of stuff to do.

-Really? What where you doing?

-Oh I spent the night scrapping my Gentoo installation to put Windows Vista instead."

Have you ever seen a brain freeze? I did. I saw the hourglass.


-OH! Er, I thought it didn't make much sense!"

I tried later in the day with my friend in the math class, the reaction was pretty much the same, but he got out of the loop faster. His brain probably ended up telling "false" faster than the first victim.

So, it was a rather satisfying result in the end of the day - despite I only tricked 2 friends. I should probably go to sleep now!

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