September 4, 2009

Beautify your Linux desktop with Linux wallpapers and artwork!


Linux Artwork Repositories:
For years, I have enjoyed looking at the different artwork available for making Linux beautiful. The first site I visited was, which focuses on creation of eyecandy for the KDE desktop, in the form of wallpapers, themes, icons, screensavers, and other desktop related content. Even though I don't currently use the KDE desktop environment, I still peruse the fine wallpapers available here.
Little did I realize at the time that is actually a part of the larger project, which provides many opportunities including creating and sharing applications as well as artwork.

The artwork-related websites under the umbrella include:

Artwork (non distro specific): Artwork for the KDE-Desktop Artwork for the GNOME-Desktop Artwork for the Xfce-Desktop Artwork for your Windowmanager Artwork for Enlightenment Artwork for the Beryl Windowmanager Artwork for the Compiz Windowmanager Themes for your EDE Desktop

Artwork (distro-specific): Stuff for Debian Artwork for Gentoo Linux Artwork for openSUSE Artwork for Ubuntu Artwork for Kubuntu Artwork for Linux Mint Artwork for Frugalware Linux Artwork and Stuff for Arch Linux

There are also a variety of websites pertaining to open source apps, as well, but that does not pertain to this topic. Check out for more info on that.

So, you've found cool desktops, downloaded them, and set them as your personal wallpaper. Like the image, but hate the color? Change it! Many of the images and artwork that are released on these content sites are released under permissive licensing agreements that allow you to modify or create existing content for your own uses. For example, all of the artwork in this post has been either created or modified by me, and posted to,, or -- I used the GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation program, to create and modify the images, then created an account on the site, and posted the images. Make sure you respect the license of the original poster. My user name is zooot if you wanted to search for my posted work.

One word of warning about these sites: There is no content filtering on these sites, so you may find pictures of ladies in various states of undress from time to time. Avoid that if you find it offensive or inappropriate. The sites do allow you to rate the artwork that is posted, and filter out any results that are under a particular score (usually 30%) if you desire.


In conclusion, a vast array of artwork is available for you to use to beautify your Linux distribution of choice. Take advantage of it! Better yet, make artwork and share it with others!

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