May 28, 2009

Blubness, the most powerful force in the universe?

Blubness or the blub paradox is a concept used to explain a phenomenon that occurs when a programmer becomes so cognitively locked into thinking in the programming language they predominately use that they begin to lose their ability (if they ever had it) to recognize the superior power of other languages and instead just view these languages as "weird" because they display different characteristics to their language of choice, blub.

The idea of blub (the average programming language) was first introduced by Paul Graham in his essay "Beating the Averages".

Blubness is a powerful force because it is deeply linked to the human tendency to seek comfort in the familiar and to resist change. It spans all IQ's and levels of programming ability and interestingly seems to very strongly effect those who have excelled in their specific areas of programming expertise.

Here is Paul Graham's "Beating the Averages" essay

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