May 24, 2011

Build your own Linux? Where to start...Two powerful distro's you need to know..

The two distro's that will not make you headache when building a system are available from Bodhi Linux and iqunix. Both big systems with minimal  software. Iqunix is new to me and I liked it instantly and will use it for a build. Huge improvements by Bodhi. I tested Bodhi Linux about a year ago and although it had the best looking eye candy there were too many bugs to enjoy and it felt danty. This time no issues and it still looks Pimp offering various levals of distros to choose from on install including one with ( I forget maybe 3 apps at most) . Bohdi and iqunix are calling you if you want to build your own system!!! And yes they have the software to remaster your dev.



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