October 19, 2011

Building LFS( Linux From Scratch)

After struggling for nearly one day, the LFS, linux from scratch, is finally built.

I would note something about the building process.

1. about ssh
There is some time that I just want to copy the command in LFS book and execute it directly. since copy between host OS and guest OS would be troublesome, SSH would be a convenient way to copy, paste and execute. execute "/etc/rc.d/init.d/sshd start" to start ssh service in LFS, one may also need to configure network interface using ifconfig command.

2. about mount
After compiling all packages and changing root directory, I try to execute grub-install, and it tells me that there is no hard disk. And I eventually figured out that "mount -v --bind /dev ${LFS}/dev" is very critical in installing grub boot loader. Without it, grub-install would not find hd0.

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