May 30, 2011

Calibre dropped down from openSUSE Repositories

We dropping down all Calibre Packages from all openSUSE Repositories.

Since a February 2009 the openSUSE Packagers are packaging calibre for openSUSE. The first comitted Version was 0.4.134, and was comitted by Thomas Schraitle. Since that Version we have done some little things to integrate calibre better into the openSUSE Distribution. Since that time it was possible to provide packages for all actual published openSUSE Versions.

With the start of publishing 0.8.x the Developerteam switched to bleeding edge version of python. We now have that python version into our Factory Repository, but not into 11.4. In short that means, that we can't provide any calibre version for published openSUSE versions.

Yesterday i've chatted with the main developer Kovid Goyal, and explained him the trouble. But sadly he isn't interested to support us in that, through not using bleeding edge.

So we decided to drop down the calibre package from the Documentation:Tools Repository and from openSUSE:Factory, because it looks like the Project aren't interested to help us out. The removing of the packages should done this week.

I'm sorry to write that, 'cause i liked this piece of Software.

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