March 13, 2015

Cautions for CF Card Failure on TN11SCC in OptiX OSN 6800

When the TN11SCC board is in V100R004C01 or an earlier version, the lifecycle of the CF card on the board may be shorter than expected.

[Problem Description]
Trigger condition:
Periodical database and log backup, and upgrade in package loading mode on the Huawei dwdm board TN11SCC are properly implemented.

An SWDL_NEPKGCHECK alarm is reported.

Identification method:
The CF card is faulty when all the following conditions are met:
1. The TN11SCC board is in V100R004C01 or an earlier version.
2. The CF card has been used for more than five years.
3. An SWDL_NEPKGCHECK alarm is reported.
4. The access to the cfs1 area of the board fails using a command on the Navigator. For example, a board in slot 18 reports an SWDL_NEPKGCHECK alarm as shown in the following figure..


A command on the Navigator is delivered as shown in the following figure.


However, a failure message is returned. When this occurs, the CF card has been faulty.

[Root Cause]
As confirmed by the CF card supplier WD, the CF card will become faulty upon multiple times of rewrite operations and cannot be read or write any longer. Since there are frequent
database and log backup operations for Huawei OptiX OSN 6800 V100R004C01 and earlier versions, the CF card can be used for five years at most. The card lifecycle is closely related to the size of the NE database and logs. In versions later than V100R004C01, the backup frequency and method are modified. After the modification, the CF card can be used for at least 100 years as estimated.

[Impact and Risk]
Upgrade in package loading mode and software synchronization will be affected, but services are not affected.

[Measures and Solutions]
Recovery measures:
Replace the TN11SCC board when the CF card of the board becomes faulty.

Before the CF card becomes faulty, upgrade the TN11SCC board to V100R004C04SPC800 or
a later version.

Preventive measures:
1. If the CF card on a TN11SCC board has been faulty, replace the board. For more Huawei transmission board please have reference on
2. If the CF card has not been faulty, upgrade the TN11SCC board to V100R004C04SPC800 or a later version.

Material handling after replacement:
Return the TN11SCC board for repair.

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