July 11, 2011

Coding Relationships

I started becoming interested in programming maybe 2 years ago. I did some reading and saw VB.NET may be easier to start with. So, I bought some books, watched some videos and started punching away at small apps. Received some major help from DiC users on something I put together from work and it was a lot of fun.... but was VB.NET what I wanted to learn?

My first programming class was a Java class. I was very excited since I am a huge Linux fan and Java is cross-platform. Bought some more books, read some more forums and started coding Java. For some reason, I just couldn't get into it. Next, I went for C# since it is similar to Java but I get to use VB Studio, put together my GUI and code around that. I enjoyed that a lot! But, I didn't like the Mono Project in Linux.

Then, I looked into Python.... Python from the get go hit me like a beautiful woman from across the room and we stared at each other as she sauntered over and said,

1 print "Hello Justin, if you want me.  Come get me."

Then strolled out of the room leaving me helpless.
I melted. I was officially in love and wanted to see her again. I grabbed more books, checked more forums for her. Coded love letters to her. Everything I could do to see her again.

I have found what I was looking for.... A language I could use on Linux and Windows, was sexy and made me happy.
THEN! What happens. Phone rings.. nasty Ex calls. "Hi, since your work uses Windows only and they are using MS Office apps with a ton of VB code in it. Why don't we have dinner?"


So. Not that I want to really stop seeing Python but VB.NET is still kind of sexy. So, again I will start studying VB.NET and maybe see C# on the side but really sneak out and see Python in between.

I will use VirtualBox and Windows 7 so I have the best of all worlds. Almost like a polygamist of languages.

Side note:
It is actually quite annoying. I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem. I like a lot of programming languages, I like a lot of different computing aspects but not one have I really taking to the next level and learned everything there is to know or at least I can about it. I can't quite pick a direction yet. I guess I'm just dabbling and maybe the day will come.

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