December 8, 2010

Computational Refrigerator

Here is an idea that if nothing else will hopefully serve as inspiration.

The rationale is that the electric energy we consume should be put to use before its converted to heat. So here we have a product, the refrigerator that is usually on 24 hours a day through out its entire lifetime. Why not develop an absorption refrigerator which uses heat from a computational device such as the Graphic Processing Unit ( GPU ) as source to drive the cooling system. Typical energy usage for a refrigerator is 500 W to 1000 W. Even if this is improves there exists a lot of potential energy for computation. The refrigerator is also sufficiently expensive to incorporate additional functionality and computerization of it is going to happen anyway. To get an idea what work such a computational refrigerator can take part in today visit the ''. Here you can find projects like 'FightAIDS@home' and more. Communication to the internet could be available trough 4G.

The operating system would preferably be Linux. This way you could have cheap applications for home entertainment and improvement.



Hopefully it will drive the development of a refrigerator that runs on as little heat as possible and at the same time deliver more and more performance per watt.


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