November 14, 2014

Ctalk Adds FreeType 2 Font Support, Richer Language Semantics

The latest release of Ctalk supports TrueType and Type1 fonts on Linux and UNIX systems by adding the X11FreeTypeFont class and library support for libXft.  The language also supports method overloading based on the number of parameters, and adds internal improvements that greatly simplify the handling of objects in Collection classes like List and AssociativeArray class.  In addition, Ctalk now contains C-like support for Object references, and the semantics of nearly all C operators operators are customizable in the class library, which allows programs and classes to extend the operators and define application-specific language semantics.

The latest Ctalk source code release is downloadable at

If you would like to receive announcements of Ctalk releases by e-mail, you can subscribe to the ctalk-announce mailing list.  For information, look at the list information page at

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