December 29, 2014

Developing history of Huawei optical transmission: 20 years of accumulations

Throughout the developing history of Huawei optical transmission, it is actually a process that bandwidth capacity constantly promoting and business efficiency continuous optimizing, while accompanied by a series of new problems and challenges and solutions generated.

With the rapid development of wireless data, home broadband and leased line services, bandwidth demand continuously rise,optical transmission experienced continuous evolution of technical solutions and network architecture (PDH, SDH, MSTP, WDM and OTN) - compared with PDH system, Huawei SDH not only enhanced capacity and but also improved network efficiency and operation and maintenance; with the development of network IP, SDH gradually evolve to MSTP platform; However, for the trunk line and urban core, the lack of capacity gradually highlighted, so the development of WDM is imperative.

In this process, Huawei adhere to customer-centric, and strive to go beyond, self-dependent innovation. From OTN stage initially to 100G, from super 100G to T-SDN commercial use globally, Huawei experienced 20 years of accumulations in optical transport field, from the "precedency" to "excellence."

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