April 7, 2010

Dreaming Linux

My "affair" with Linux started many years ago when things were just getting started. Maybe too long ago and in a time when it was hard to predict what would happen.

However, I've been slowly "dreaming" Linux more and more until not so long ago when it completely won me over. I read about it and got more and more excited. I started from the beginningsĀ  and read Linus Torvalds' book "Just for fun" and that made me want to build my own OS just to try and follow his steps. I've long abandoned that thought but never lost my interest in Linux and what phenomenon it has become.

Now I see it even clearer and I believe even stronger that it is the future. Although there are plenty of skeptics regarding its future, I think that slowly people will actually embrace it the same way I did and it will occupy the place it deserves not just in our hearts but also in the real world of anything computing.

Sometimes I'm amazed by the fact that people are willing to keep this veil that blinds them and restricts their freedom of choice just because it was the first thing they've known.

I'm proud I made this change and I'll never stop dreaming about it and about the change it brings to my life. I don't feel any constraints anymore and finally feel free. Now I'm just thinking how can I do my part and contribute to this great community and how do make it grow bigger.

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