July 16, 2009

enKryptik Observations - Microsoft v. Linux.com

This was just too good not to pass along. I love hearing about how "supportive" and "tolerant" Microsoft is of Linux these days. Heck, Novell believed them enough to form a partnership with them. Course Novell has been hemorrhaging cash and people for a while now so to them it made sense. They needed the stability *cough cough* that Microsoft would bring to the table by saying they won't sue them for copyright infringement on code they won't talk about. 

Anyways, that's not the point of this little ditty. I just found it humorous today as I was working on my profile and making some quick updates that this happened. I happen to use Firefox as my primary browser. Generally when I am logged into a site and want to see something from a visitor's perspective I fire up IE or Opera etc to look at the environment since cookies are active and soforth. So after my adjustments, I fire up the ole IE and clicked on the Linux.com/community page. Sure and true to its reputation as being Internet Exploder, she exploded immediately. Here's what she vomited back to me:

Ha. IE doesn't place nicely in the sandbox with Linux.com. Shame on them. All I can say is no browser should fear the penguin! Anyone else have similar experiences?

Cheers - Kryptikos

"This is Linux country...on a quiet night you can hear Windows reboot."

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