July 17, 2009

enKryptik Observations - MiniBytes of Linux

I'm enjoying the new Linux.com site. In all actuality I hope that it continues to build into the central location for all things Linux...and not just because it owns the name "linux.com". With that in mind I am going to do my part to help and increase my contributions, after all, unless the individual is active in the community, there is no community.

The thing I have always thoroughly enjoyed about Linux is the fact of how it lets me learn. I can push my limits and comfort zones with this particular operating system. Oh, yeah...and I can do it for free. I also like the fact that there is more than one way to do something and reach the same goal.  Because of that, the proportion of challenge that Linux provides to the end user is directly proportional to how far the end user is willing to peel back the OS and go exploring.  One of the best examples is exhibited by the Ubuntu distribution. Ubuntu is crisp, clean and has the reputation of just working. It makes the transition for a new user from Windows exceptionaly easy. However, pull back the pomp and circumstance, and Ubuntu is still Linux. Any user can choose at any time to begin to delve deeper in our favored operating system. 

With all that in mind I've decided to try and become more active in the community. I've been working in Linux since 2001 and have designed, engineered and supported Linux in the corporate IT infrastructure. As any fan, it is the only OS I operate in my household and I actively encourage friends and family to adopt at least one Linux based system in their abodes.

I want to specifically support Linux.com. I've written some articles for Novell's CoolSolutions community. I'm going to reproduce several of those articles here to encourage and help others. I make no claim of being some super guru, dungeon master or captain awesomeness. Rather I'm just the type who lives for challenges, likes to learn new tricks and methods, pushes to explore and loves Linux and all that this tool gives me the capability to do.  

Interested in tips and thoughts that others have. Feel free to contribute with me if you'd like!

Cheers - Kryptikos

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