August 13, 2009

Facing the interface. Would you like a covert HMD?

Interface rant

So I will soon have usable wearable computer. So far so well, but I need to choose what OS I'll run, and which interface. For now, I'm going to go for Ubuntu minimal install with a menu based interface, something like what INX has and which I like. But there's none I could just pick is there? Except for INX menuscripts themselves, but while I do like the concept really, I'm not going to have my menus in several bash files, when I can just have one excecutable and it's configfile. INX does really well what it's intended for, but I've decided it's not for me anymore.

So I've been writing my own for a while. It will be intuitive (no, really!), responsive and extremely light.  Whole thing is written with C and 

ncurses. I'll try to go for a setup without X at all.

It has  a "main menu" on the first terminal row, it's currenty like this:
Web:w | Office:o | Fun:f | Tools:t | Network management:n | Configuration:c
Web menu is like this:
1: Elinks - Web browser
2: Irssi - IRC-client
3: Mutt - Email-client

Currently I have 3-5 launchers on each menu, except Configuration, which doesn't work just with launchers, but I need to write some things myself. It will have things like resolution, most useful configfiles and configuring menus and launchers.

I'm also thinking about widgets, or should they be called clidgets because every interface has it's own name for them now?

What I have now works about perfectly, but can't do much yet. It's version 0

.1 now and it's codename is CliMax until I get some better name for it. I just need to start extending it now.

Think a covert HMD would be nifty?

Would there be people wanting these? Sunglasses-mounted covert display for a wearable? I'm just speculating that I didn't find it too hard to make and I could use some extra money. If someone sold these, what would you pay for it? 

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