June 5, 2010

Geek Phrases to Fall in Love

Well, not all in the life is computer, code, linux, games and internet, we need girls too and if you are the classic geek, 30 years old and still living in your mom house, read this post, maybe you can find a good phrase to fall in love the girl you want (at least I can assure she will laugh)

  1. Your love.com is my home page
  2. You are the Kernel of my Distro
  3. Your eyes shine more than my leds
  4. Your RAM speed-up my heart
  5. You are the compiler of my source code
  6. You have root privileages in my heart
  7. If you leave me, I'll make alt+F4 to my life
  8. You have the highest priority in my process list
  9. Not even the HTML5 can render your beautiful body
  10. Without you, my life is like a webpage without CSS
  11. Tell me your name to add you to my favorites
  12. My compiz envy your beauty
  13. Together we are a dual core processor
  14. I want to be the pendrive of your usb
  15. Our hearts sync by Wi-Fi

If this doesn't work, start thinking in go out a little more and meet your friends face to face, remember Second Life is just that a "Second Life" not the real one :D

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