February 14, 2010

Good Community

After news alert on my gmail i login linux.com as fast as i can. I really like new system, especially —Å–∫–∞—á–∞—Ç—å –ø–µ—Ä—Å–∏ –¥–∂–µ–∫—Å–æ–Ω –∏ –ø–æ—Ö–∏—Ç–∏—Ç–µ–ª—å –º–æ–ª–Ω–∏–π blog and group system is great! For a strong —Å–∫–∞—á–∞—Ç—å –¥–µ–Ω—å —Å–≤—è—Ç–æ–≥–æ –≤–∞–ª–µ–Ω—Ç–∏–Ω–∞ community we always need these kind of works. Normally i use blogger my recent posts but im gonna use this blog for —Å–∫–∞—á–∞—Ç—å —è –ª—é–±–ª—é —Ç–µ–±—è —Ñ–∏–ª–ª–∏–ø –º–æ—Ä—Ä–∏—Å write some news, experiences about Pardus Linux.

Anyway gj Linux.Com^^ Will be here.

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