December 3, 2015

GSequencer v0.6.28 comes with enhanced stability

GSequencer v0.6.28 comes with enhanced stability

Many problems GSequencer had, were just fixed. Like dead-locks, race-conditions or non thread-safe access to common objects. It's a great release although not all bugs are fixed but they won't hurt. One of those bugs affects seeking within navigation. Yeah, currently this is the only known bug with GSequencer v0.6.28.

Setting up Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer working environment

On debian GNU/Linux unstable you might want to issue and completing with LADSPA plugins of your choice:

apt-get install gsequencer ladspa-sdk cmt caps swh-plugins hydrogen hydrogen-drumkits fluid-soundfont-gm fluid-soundfont-gs timgm6mb-soundfon

Once fetched program and sound files you may want to invoke GSequencer like following:

wget -c
gsequencer --filename The_A-Tune.xml

Note it might take some time to parse the 4 MB sized file. There is an audio export of the file available on the web:

Unstable GSequencer v0.7.x

Some highlights of unstable GSequencer are JACK audio output and MIDI input as well DSSI support. The 0.7.0 branch brings library routines first to you. It features a MIDI parser or builder and many other exciting things not fully implemented, yet. Further an automation editor is the way, too. To stay informed about progres please visit:


The following screenshot shows you Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer with LADSPA plugin enabled AgsMixer as well AgsMatrix and AgsDrum sequencers. On the bottom there's the pattern editor used with AgsMatrix sequencer.

gsequencer-screenshot-0 6 22

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