March 4, 2011

gtkPyglot - the help tool for software translators

A new version of my gtkPyglot - the translators helper tool is now released, featuring Offline mode, and a nice configuration dialog. For the offline mode there is a 349MB big sqlite3 database with the 55 supported languages ready to use with state of 04.03.2011 of the translations in the gnome project.


- Offline mode - the translations are read from the sqlite3 database (see Notes for info)

- Online mode - getting translations results from and

- Preferences dialog - You know what this is

- Simple and intuitive intreface


To use gtkPyglot in offline mode, you will have to download the prepared database from the following URL. From the preferences dialog point to the database file and you are set up to work with it. The langs.db file is a really big one ~ 349MB and supports only the 55 languages from pylyglot. 

Get it

For Debian/Ubuntu users there is a prepared .deb file:


For other distributions, just use the Mercurial repository:

hg clone


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