June 11, 2010

How to Follow the World Cup on Internet

Well, this is not Linux, but I'm sure many of us enjoy this great game, for those here are some tips on how you can follow the world cup (see it live, statistics, etc) 

ESPN3: This web site is broadcasting 54 of the 64 games in live mode with integration to FaceBook and Twitter and support many languages. The catch is you need to have your internet with some of the next providers: Verison, AT&T, Cox Communications, Comcast, RCN and some others.

UnivisionFutbol.com: No restrictions, you just need the Flash Player and that's all, sorry for the "Apple" mobile devices, this will not work for you.

Twitter: Recently launch a services, specially designed for the world cup, you have to check it out.

Yahoo: Launched a mini-site with all the information about the world cup 2010, updated every minute

FIFA: Well, this is the origin of most part of all the information and has the most-completed and up-to-date information

Justin-TV: Well, this is well know as a great streaming services and of course, you can find the live games. It's available for the Iphone too.

...And I think there has to be many other web sites, but I just found those. Bring more with your comments.

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