February 4, 2015

Huawei OSN 3500 description

Huawei optix OSN 3500 is the most popular optical transport product. It used in STM-64 / STM-16 / STM-4 / STM-1 level Hybrid MSTP Platform. 200G TDM / 160G Packet universal switch capacity, with 16 service slots.

Huawei OSN 3500 possesses flexible networking capacity

Generally speaking, it supports: (1) Mesh networking with plug-and-play network nodes

(2)dynamic increase of rate and capacity

(3)various networking topologies, including chain, ring, tangent rings, intersecting rings, etc

(4)maximum 2 STM-64 four-fiber MSP rings, 4 STM-64 two-fiber MSP rings, 11 STM-16 four-fiber MSP rings, 12 STM-16 two-fiber MSP rings


As for the Carrier-class protection

Mesh Protection and restoration(ASON)

Distributed restorable rerouting protection

5-level service dedicated protection scheme based on different SLA: Diamond, Gold, Silver, Copper and Iron services

SDH Network Protection

2/4 fiber MSP Ring; 1+1, 1: n Linear MSP; SNCP/SNCMP/SNCTP; Fiber shared virtual path protection; Fiber shared MSP Ring; DNI (ITU-T G.842)

Service Protection: Ethernet: RPR, RSTP ATM: VP-RING/VC-RING

An OptiX OSN 3500 subrack consists of an upper layer and a lower layer. The upper layer, where 19 slots are available, is the slot area for interface boards. The lower layer, where 18 slots are available, is the slot area for processing boards.

single-slot layout of an OptiX OSN 3500 subrack

Slots for service interface boards: slots 19-26 and 29-36

Slots for service processing boards: slots 1-8 and 11-17

Slots for cross-connect and timing boards: slots 9-10

Slots for system control and communication boards: slots 17-18 (slot 17 can also house a processing board)

Slots for power interface boards: slots 27-28

Slot for an auxiliary interface board: slot 37

Slots for fan boards: slots 38-40


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