May 20, 2009

Like this idea

This is my first writing to the community blog, I havn't known what it will look like after published, but I like this idea. The community blog idea. A community needs to blog itself!

First, let me introduce myself. I am a young linux hacker lived in Shenzhen, China. Here is also many people love linux and get gatherings peiodically or unperiodically, there are always someĀ  just Linux distro hackers, try a distobution for curiosity and adventure, and may choose another after months, those freshmen! And there're also some ones like me, programmers, or deep hackers, I am a linux kernel hacker, I've contributed some kernel patches and I will contribute more, I love the kernel hacking. In some gathering we just play some distros, while in others we program together. I think I should and I will report those interesting events here.

Then let's look what it will look like, Let it rip!

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