January 1, 2015

Idea – A Novice Approach To Linux On The Laptop

Getting a Linux distribution on a laptop can be difficult for the novice user. Because of this we need another approach than installing Linux in a dual boot configuration.

Why not take inspiration from users where they connected a Raspberry Pi to a Motorola Laptop Dock. From this I would say we need a computer on a thumb drive to do something similar.

With USB3 or maybe even with USB2 it should be possible to use the screen, mouse and keyboard on the laptop for the thumb drive computer. Once it is USB connected it would show up as a window in Windows like Virtual Box. Here full screen is an option.

The difference is that it will run full speed on its own hardware. It should even have its own wifi.

So if you have a slow XP computer. You can turn off the internet to Windows for safety and run your attachable Linux device on your laptop.

Here you have a safe way to upgrade your laptop system and an easy way to run Linux on your laptop. Just attach a USB stick.

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