April 25, 2016

Idea – Open Source Textbooks As AI-Book-Bots

I believe this idea is one of my more interesting ones. Inspired by those advanced AI chat bots or assistants. Would it not be interesting if there were a free and open source educational chat bot that would know the contents of your university textbooks. I mean the idea is simple. We remember better if we are engaged. So I thought. If the students would chat with the software bot they would remember much better. I think this would work much better than if they were just given steps to follow.

This could also work for smartphones. Maybe also in refugee educational situations. Here you want a better way to get the information than to read the whole thing on a small screen. Then why not use text to speech and text chat. Voice recognition if it works would be awesome . Just place the phone next to the pen and paper.

So the idea is for an educational chat bot for math, physics and other subjects. Let the bot read or present the theory to you while at the same time you can interrupt it and ask questions. Even if they are standard questions to begin with. It will be quite powerful. // peroglyfer.se

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