April 16, 2011

The importance of education to Linux

Just by looking at the amount of voluntary work users engage in to help each other with their computer problems I wonder if we could not use this massive source of human intelligence for educational purposes.

The idea is that we first aim high and help each other on entry level university mathematics. Young adults would then see a another real benefit to join the Linux community.

In my previous blog entry I wrote about the potential benefit from bundling student books with some popular distributions. I believe this where you need to start. Having a couple of good open textbooks for users to engage in. Perhaps its enough to have them in the repository. The import thing is to get enough users reading the same books.

I wrote the below blog entry explaining how the cooperation could work.


Here I focus on explaining the textbook theory in multi fashionable way. What I forgot to write is that the explanations need to be approved before publishing and you can link the specific theoretical part to whatever is relevant be it videos, exercises or forum discussions for questions not answered.

We need advanced innovative software in all fields. By helping with the educational bit I think we get a lot in return.


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